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Caritas Conference: Equipping Women for the War on Femininity

Join Catholic women, wives, mothers, authors, speakers, and bloggers in this first-of-its-kind virtual conference as they guide you on a discovery journey through feminism and its failures, from its maligned beginnings to its corruptible postmodern fruits, all in an effort to better understand the truth about womanhood and femininity from a Catholic perspective.

  • If you’ve ever wondered if our culture, which glorifies promiscuity, abortion, contraception, and confused sexuality and demonizes true femininity, womanhood, and motherhood, has gone wrong…

  • If you’ve ever felt like feminism missed the mark...

  • If you wonder how to move past the hold that feminist ideas seem to have on you in your vocation as a wife or mother...

  • If you want to feel empowered in your desires to stay home with your children…

  • If you want to be able to confidently stand up for yourself and your decisions to be a feminine woman…

Caritas Conference 2021 has come to a close. Want to stay up to date on next year’s event, grow in your Catholic faith, and connect with the founder of Caritas?

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